MALLEUS_selfportraitMalleus is an Italian three headed collective spreading its tentacles through all kind of visual art, from illustration to videos, passing through hand made silkscreen printing.
The iconography at the base of their work originates from a vast scenery including figurative arts, in particular Expressionism and Symbolism, Art Nouveau and Surrealism, Pop Art and Psychedelic Art, and also comics, photography, cinema and literature.
All these ingredients blend in with the main element of their poetics; that is the female form, the primordial goddess, from whom everything comes. Blackened art nouveau mixed with elements of surrealism and quotes from the school of expressionism glowing in its amber, resulting in an almost psychedelically overwhelming experience of visual magick.
All of the power trio’s works are based on masterful hand-drawings and reflect the artists’ deep understanding and love for music.
At the end of 2002, the trio of Malleus, printing their first handmade silkscreen, took the critical step towards a walk that will make them enter into the Poster Art scene of today. Through the handprinted silkscreen, a simple gigposter turns into something different and particular.
Every copy is unrepeatable, a pop piece made through real physical effort, on the precious papers of Italian tradition. Its layers of colours pulsate and flutter in the light like organic matter.

Malleus’ extensive catalogue of posters created to date includes works for acts such as: The Black Keys, Deftones, Down, Dresden Dolls, Eyehategod, Helmet, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Linkin Park, Mars Volta, the Melvins, Mogwai, Mono, Motorpsycho, Monster Magnet, Mark Lanegan, Muse, The Prodigy, Robert Plant, Queens of the Stone age, Sonic Youth, among the others.

Several Malleus’ artworks have been displayed in various collective and individual art shows all over the world, and have been included in “Art of Modern Rock”, the gig poster gospel by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King, in “Art of Modern Rock: Mini #1 A-Z” and “Art of Modern Rock: Mini #2 Poster Girls” by Dennis king, in “Swag posters” by Judith Salavetz, “Rock Poster Art” by Didider Maiffredy, “Classic Rock Posters: Sixty Years Of Posters And Flyers. 1952 to 2012” by Mick Farren and Dennis Loren.
Some of their posters are conserved in “De Young” Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Malleus have been featured in The New York Times, MTV, RockHard, RockSound, Rolling Stones, Sky among others

Some of their clients include Volvo, Activision, Mondadori, Feltrinelli, CF Napa Brand Design, Century Guild, Oakley , Hellfest, Roadburn, Asymmetry Festival,  Barley Arts, Secret Serpents, Dark City Gallery, MTV, Rolling Stone.



At the end of 2005,logazzow after working for several years on handmade silkscreens for gigs and events, Malleus decided to put the same efforts, quality and attitude in the “record industry, giving birth to a record label called Supernatural Cat.

Supernatural Cat is interested mainly in finding out new and original bands, very inspired music, considering the record like an handicraft piece in a way of thinking totally opposed to the serial logic of today.
The intention is to find music that is not closed in any genre, music has to be filled with the breath of originality, something special, something unique, something You can recognize as Supernatural Cat.

Every release comes out in a first limited edition run, with handmade silkscreened and numbered covers and deluxe packages.
Reprintings are “common” editions
Supernatural Cat is a totally indipendent and “open source” project at its beginning.

Supernatural Cat has been proud to become the sonic home for great and cool bands such as Ufomammut, Morkobot, Zolle, Ovo, Lento, Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, and FarwestZombee.

CHECK THE WEBSITE : www.supernaturalcat.com